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The Following Event Planner applies primarily to weddings or Bar and Bat Mitzvahs,

but you may find it useful to let us know what you'd like for your event.

If an item doesn't apply to you, please leave it blank

 A Better DJ - Questionnaire – 281 300-8515

Name ___________________________________ Ph. ________________ Email _________________

Event Date(s) _____________ What kind of event? _________________ Outdoors? _______________

Event Location/Address  _______________________________________________________________

In honor of                 _______________________________________________________________

How many people _____ What ages, age ranges __________________________________________

Will there be A Sit-Down Meal _____________or Buffet? _____________

What time do you want the music to start ________ What time should it end ______ Attire __________

What time can we get into the venue?  _______ Contact name and phone ______________________

How do you see the structure of the evening?  
Cocktails Hors D’oevres (time) _______________________________________________

Food (time) ___________ Honored Guests Arrival / Announcement? _________________

Presentations/ Toasts? _______________________________________________________

Candle lighting/ Blessings ___________________________________________________

Slide show or video? _________ PA Sound Hookup needed? ______________________

Special dances or songs? (First Dance, Wedding Party, Parents, Garter, Bouquet, etc.) ______________________________________________________________________

Specific types of songs or specific songs. (EG: Motown, disco, country, participatory.  Attach list)

Special concerns? – (Personal CDs, Ethnic Music, Explicit Lyrics, female vocals etc, Rap/Hip hop?)


Emcee (In addn. To DJ)_______________________ Dancer(s) ________ Others (Strings, Etc.)_______

Karaoke Y / N TV Monitor ___________  Lighting ________________________ Fog Machine ______

Party Pack for ____ Guests, Including (items) ______________________________________________